Spirit Horse Workshops

Every tool you learn in these workshops are simple to use and work immediately! You can practice them at any time in your daily life to help you regain your balance and lead a more centered life. Each one is designed to get you started on a grounded course of continued self-awareness.

While these are ideal for the beginner, I frequently have advanced practitioners attend them to renew their commitment to themselves and refresh the soul. This is a great introduction to energy basics and a bridge to ongoing spiritual growth. Some of the workshops are listed below.

  • Chakra healing – Clearing and balancing the chakras to assist you in self-healing and maintaining a centered life.
  • Peaceful meditation – Simple tools including grounding and clear energy flow that help you easily enter a peaceful, soothing meditation.
  • Energy protection – Use intent and imagery to deflect and release negative, unwanted energy from your body and soul.
  • Great relationships – Learn powerful techniques to heal communication, create successful relationships and restore unconditional self-love.

These short classes are essential preparation to give you a solid foundation you can build on if called to pursue the deeper growth of the longer classes. Workshops will vary from one to four weekly meetings. TBA. $40 per week

Topics covered in the workshops include:


We are all affected everyday by the energy, events and people around us. Spiritual protection creates a buffer zone between you and any external input affecting you. You’ll be given many examples of imagery and intent that not only help you release the effects of taking on this outside energy, but also deflect it entirely. It’s more important than ever to be able to preserve the integrity of who you really are and separate from the noise and influence that surrounds us.


Inner Peace, infinite vision, expanded consciousness of personal meditation

All the workshops and classes assist you to gently focus within so you can effortlessly drift into a peaceful meditation. There’s not a right or wrong way to do this and many different approaches work. It’s not a goal, nor does it require effort. This is a time to relax and be with yourself connecting to the source of all energy. Whether you call it God or Goddess, the Universe, Allah or the Big Giant Head, it is the same source of light. It’s crucial to develop some sort of spiritual practice so you can always find the way back to your center. That’s where your peace and truth reside.

The Seven Body Chakras

The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit and means “spinning wheel” or “circle,” which is how these energy centers appear to those who can see energy. The main chakras are located along the middle of the spiritual or energy body and in the palms of your hands and feet. There are however many other chakras both in and out of the body. Ideally, they’re connected by lines of energy flowing between them (channels) that communicate what you need for a balanced life. Just as the parts of a car engine need to all work together to get you where you are going, the chakras need to work with each other.

They are more open or closed depending on the life lessons you are experiencing, damage incurred, or the energy response called for at any given time. Chakras can be consciously healed and opened or closed at will.


If you tell someone to get grounded they almost always know what you’re talking about. We even have common sayings reflecting this like, “She’s got her feet planted firmly on the ground” or “His approach is grounded in reality.” Even electrical systems are grounded for safety.

This tool helps you, the spirit, be connected to the body and the earth you walk upon. When ungrounded you feel spacey, confused, not present, and indecisive. Making a spiritual connection to the body and the earth keeps you present in your body and aware of the world around you. Consequently, you feel safer and more alert about the choices and decisions needed for your daily well-being.

Some people garden, exercises, or eat pasta to get this feeling. But often, we need to be grounded now, with no time or to run off and do these activities. Conscious grounding imagery works right away and can be used anywhere, anytime to easily and quickly regain your balance. There are many variations to grounding that use the intent to connect spirit to the body and the earth. They all work!

Re-owning Your Energy

When you give away too much of your life force, it leaves you feeling tired and depleted. You may be losing your energy to problems, people, or activities in your daily life and need to reclaim some of your good stuff to re-energize yourself. It’s as simple as taking a moment to call back your life force from where you’ve left it in your world and focus it back within yourself. Vacations work great for this. But let’s face it, what we really need is a way to energize on the spot so we’re able to stay on track in our regular lives. These visualizations may be just what you need to regain your vitality!