a book for spiritual guidance, practical wisdom, magic questions


t some point in our lives each of us has experienced the pain of life’s challenges whether it’s from a broken relationship, unexpected loss, an emotional blow or the struggle to find meaning. We’ve all been there and likely will be again as this is the nature of life and growth. So, it’s very important to have the tools, resources, and expert guidance to help navigate those difficult times.

In Enlighten-Up! you’ll find focused themes on topics such as dealing with relationships, taking care of yourself, life decisions, etc. In each chapter Cathy Langlois provides you with spiritual coaching using key concepts and “The Magic Questions” that bring spiritual wisdom and clarity.

If you are ready to find answers to your most pressing questions, if you are seeking spiritual awakening and enlightenment, open this book NOW to any page – chances are good that is exactly the information and answer you have been looking for.


Practical Wisdom & Spiritual Guidance For an Imperfect World

Praise For Enlighten-Up!

“It’s very refreshing to encounter a clear recital of helpful information and practice that is not all gussied up in the gift wrapping of another culture and does not conflict with any spiritual practice. Cathy Langlois’ deceptively simple book, written in the most ordinary English is a bright beam from a kind and very open heart. These lovely pages are the utterances of a ‘settled’, wide-awake woman, someone you should know if you don’t. This book will be a big hug of useful introduction. I was charmed.”

Peter Coyote, actor/writer/ordained Zen Buddhist Priest.

“Cathy Langlois “Enlighten-Up” is filled with easy to understand, yet profoundly important steps for all of us to live up to our potential as full human beings. This book has echoes of the endless wisdom from the great Maya Angelou: how we must learn from our defeats and not be discouraged, and how, if we practice a higher level of civility and inclusiveness, we also elevate ourselves. This book also confronts our natural fear of change and of people not like ourselves and helps guide us through these irrational feelings. It is a brave and practical book that, for the open-minded, can have a long-lasting and deeply meaningful impact on our lives.”

Bob Hercules, Co-Director, “Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise

“This is a humorous, remarkably well written, and spiritually spot on book. I found myself laughing out loud, shaking my head in wonder, and sometimes tears would visit my eyes. It touched my soul.”

Dr. Thomas Cushing PHD, JD

“Enlighten Up is packed with spiritual wisdom, teachings and guidance, and written in a style everyone can understand and enjoy. Read a chapter or two when you need a lift, a kick in the pants, tidbits of wisdom, are searching for an answer, or all of the above. A must have book for any spiritual seeker.”

~Rebecca Germolus, marketing consultant & blogger

“Cathy Langlois has the rare gift of clarity and wisdom to help you identify what is really behind a problem and then guide you to the right answers. Whether you would like more joy in your life on a daily basis or need to make significant changes this a book you will return to over and over again.”

Howard VanEs, President, Let’s Write Books, Inc.

“Such a refreshing read…obviously written by one who has walked the walk and is now sharing their seeds of experience with clarity and candor. It has the properties of an inner mirror, yet manages to deliver the ‘stark’ truth with a tender and wise spirit.”

René Jenkins, ceremonial sound practitioner, healing performance artist

“Enlighten Up! is an insightful, engaging group of stories designed to help you crack open your perspective, alternately shining the light in upon you or stoking the fire of your own light to burst forth. Thank- you Cathy, for the humor and compassion you bring to encouraging us all to find our way.”

Sondra Beam , herbal pharmacy manager and student