Spiritual Adventure Class

Should you feel drawn to go deeper into yourself or if you are curious about the nature of the spiritual world and how it works, the longer programs are for you.

These more intensive classes challenge you to free yourself from your limits and expand your vision of what you think is true. It’s an exciting journey of inner exploration that develops your ability to look for and find the truth about yourself and the world!

Some topics covered are:

  • Clairvoyance – How to turn on your “clear vision” (sixth chakra) to see your truth, energy and other beings. Increase your intuition to see and know the best path for you.
  • Higher-self connection – Connect to the source so you can “know” your own answers (seventh chakra), hear the wisdom of your soul and communicate with all spirit.
  • Chakras – Learn to understand the nature of the chakras as well as how to heal, balance and use them for yourself and others.
  • Akashic records – Re-discover lost knowledge and gain new consciousness to understand how to further your spiritual evolvement and be of service.
  • De-programming – Clear the energy blocks, programming and concepts that suppress your soul and keep you from thriving. Learn how to create and manifest new images.
  • The Seven Bodies – You will get a comprehensive introduction to the meaning and healing of our other dimensional bodies. Includes astral travel training.
  • Soul Essence Flame – How to find and turn up the burner on your original creative force and discover your purpose for being here.

Class downloads will be available soon in the Spirit Horse shop stay tuned!

These classes are a guided journey that each member of the group contributes to, so I only start a new class when the right mix of traveling buddies shows up. There’s a harmony that occurs when the right spiritual agreement is present that enhances and accelerates all our growth! Classes meet weekly with a monthly reading included to provide counsel about the progress of your growth and answer questions. Please feel free to contact me should you feel called to be a spiritual adventurer. TBA

*Advanced training is available in the Soul Threshold and Spiritual Origin Programs to those who have completed  intensives and/or the equivalent. Please contact me for more information on these classes or to request an interview. Cathy@spirithorsecenter.com

Cathy Langlois has shared her gifts as a profound clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer and teacher with thousands of people from around the world. The classes and counseling offered will assist you to not only safely navigate your personal path, but to expand your consciousness and be of service in the universal spiritual evolution we are all in.

New 3 month class begins in September. More info to be posted soon!