Intuitive Guidance

“When you’re seeking clear, neutral perspective and communication about the bumps and turns on your path, a personal reading is invaluable. Everybody benefits from compassionate help that sheds light on the truth, including the reader!”

Spiritual Counseling (Reading)

Sometimes you can get so mired in the emotions, decisions and curves that life throws in your path you can’t see your way out of the forest. Our intuition whispers the way, but we’re unable to hear it. That’s when a personal spiritual reading can be exactly what you need to regain your balance. Receiving the assistance of clear, neutral vision not only restores your perspective but opens up avenues of possibility you may not have even considered!

“Recently I found myself questioning a situation that made no logical sense. It just had to be something “other-worldly”. So, I turned to Cathy for her spiritual take on what was stumping me. Her honest and true readings always help me regain my freedom and allow me to take a deep breath and trust myself again!”

-Andrea H.

A good session strengthens your ability to listen to your inner voice and discover what is hidden. You always have your own answers, but at times you just need some help uncovering them. Having a witness to your journey is often all you need to free yourself from where you’re blocked, reclaim your energy and create something new! My job is to help you to regain the ability to hear and see what you already know to be true. The power is in awakening to your own answers.

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Seven Body Healing & Re-mapping

For those of you who have been actively pursuing spiritual development this is a major kick-start for your next level of growth. After extensive self-healing, you sometimes find that even with all your realizations and practice you are revisiting old ground, stuck in patterns you thought you’d left behind.

You may have healed the problem in one or even two bodies, but still experience disruption from damage in another that recreates the issue. To thoroughly heal, every energy body needs to be made who34460084_xlle. This spiritual re-mapping of the seven energy bodies is invaluable assistance to those healing emotional habits and patterns, post-traumatic stress (past and present life) and chronic illness.

For some, it provides deep de-programming (freedom from patterns and habits) and a soul origins update (clarity on who you truly are and your current mission for being in a body this lifetime). It often increases the power and energy in the chakras, opening you to an extraordinary connection with higher spiritual knowledge that’s life changing.

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Six-Month Healing Series

For those of you who may feel overwhelmed by such intensive healing in one session, I offer a healing package of six monthly sessions with an audio download tailored to each one that will support the continued healing you have activated.

This has been particularly powerful for those who are spiritual seekers or who are of service as healers, readers and teachers professionally. It often finishes a cycle you have been looking for and/or working on through your practice and makes room to create from freedom and joy.

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