Training the Soul

“Your desire to feed your soul awakens when you notice there’s more to the world than meets the eye.”

You start seeking more information when you find yourself repeatedly asking, “What’s really going on here?” Maybe you’re looking for the solution to that nagging “unsolvable” problem or trying to heal a chronic illness. Perhaps you’re being driven to fix a broken relationship, can’t handle overwhelmed emotions triggered by world events or are bewildered about paranormal mysteries!

It can be a daunting task to handle the new consciousness you gain when you choose to delve into the spiritual world for your answers.Yet, that’s where you must go for them. But when you seek guidance and support to assist you in opening to new awareness, you will discover that you’re not alone! We all need help to integrate the truth gracefully in our daily lives.

Classes and workshops offered at Spirit Horse Center (online and on site) are geared to give you the tools and knowledge needed to easily and safely traverse your inner spiritual path and handle your growth. As you expand your consciousness to allow new perspectives, the personal wisdom and understanding you gain enhances your ability to create a more fulfilling life.

Class downloads will be available in the Spirit Horse Shop in the near future stay tuned!


Workshops are open to everyone regardless of experience and are an easy-to-understand introduction to the ABC’s of energy basics (though many people with a great deal of training also attend to get a refresher, a good clean-out or just to have an evening to give to themselves). All the tools taught can be used immediately and are the beginning of a solid foundation for your spiritual development. They may be all you need but are essential should you wish to pursue more extensive spiritual training.

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On-going training for the sensitive soul continues in the three-month and six-month programs offered for those of you who feel ready for more intensive exploration. These classes focus on developing spiritual abilities that help you to raise your vibration, know yourself, learn about the spiritual world and create a life that is more in alignment with your true, joyful self.

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