Spiritual Counseling (Reading)

“When the assistance of clear, neutral vision and communication is needed for perspective, a personal reading is invaluable.”

Sometimes we’re so mired in the emotions, decisions and curves that life throws us, we’re unable to find our way out of the forest. Our intuition whispers the answer, but we cannot hear. A spiritual counseling (reading) session helps strengthen your inner voice, draw attention to what’s hidden and open your heart to unconditional love for yourself and others. Sometimes a compassionate, objective witness to your journey is all you need to release the energy caught in past emotions, obstacles and people that hinder your growth.

What can I expect?

When we have our session, I will look with spiritual eyes at the journey of your soul and what it is you are creating to learn from. The problems you encounter I use the knowledge I’ve gained in my 36 years of reading and teaching including; clairvoyance, chakra healing, Akashic records, higher-self vision, and lots and lots of humor. Facing the truth is always easier when you can laugh about it!

We’ll travel wherever we need to go so the light shines on the answers needed for your issues and questions. This may involve relationships (both current and past life), karma, learned concepts, programming, spirit guides, other types of beings and whatever else is relevant. Each session is a unique adventure and where we go will be determined by where you most need clarity.

In our time together, my focus is always on guiding you to find your own answers and increase your awareness so you can  handle what you’re experiencing with grace. Questions are always welcome!

1 hour session – $250

1/2 hour session – $125 (phone & online only)

*Phone and Online Appointments available

Lotus of Peace and Enlightenment

“I have done energy work for years and watched and experienced many others who do reading and healing. Cathy works on a level far above all others and the results are profound! Worth is beyond price.”

  –Joan W.

When you reclaim your life force and bring it into the present moment, it transforms into fresh, clean spiritual energy you can reuse to heal and manifest your life. What you previously only dreamed about becomes a possibility!

Healing assistance (help with releasing and repairing) is often part of this session should you require it for your next step. My job as an intuitive reader, spiritual counselor and healer is to assist you in discovering the power of your own answers

“I’ ll tell you the truth with compassion, honesty and humor and give you direction for your next step of growth.”