Six-Month Series Includes:

  • Six re-mapping sessions-The physical and emotional are usually done in the same session.
  • Monthly meditation-This is an audio download tailored for each type of session to enhance the healing you’ve activated.
  • Support, healing and communication-The Spirit Horse Center council of healers and myself will be available to answer questions and provide healing support as you acclimate to the changes that arise as a result of your re-mapping sessions.

Individual session – $250 (one body)
Six-month series – $1,500 (prepaid, $1,250)

Coming Soon…

Spirit Horse Center will be offering a program for certification as a Seven-Body Healer so others can share this remarkable, original healing modality with the world!

Six-Month Healing Series

The Seven Body healing (re-mapping) sessions are intensive healing and can open new doors of awareness that may challenge the path you are currently on. Consequently, it’s often best to take the time to integrate the changes and awareness you gain as each body is healed and reintegrated. This is particularly true if you are new to spiritual work, recovering from trauma, or restoring health. The six-month healing series is designed to help you get the most benefit from your sessions while also maintaining balance in your day to day life.Woman radiates light and peace, inner voice reveals truth

Because this clearing and repairing of the seven bodies restores the soul essence to flow unimpeded through the bodies, it’s not uncommon to find yourself releasing old, unwanted energy and concepts. Memories, emotions and forgotten incidents may pop up unexpectedly as you continue to heal and release.

Integration of the seven bodies is a catalyst for you to be able to receive greater joy and increased clarity of vision about your life choices, spiritual path, relationships, health and personal well-being. Flooded with your own truth, your view of the world can expand and change dramatically! When you clearly “see” the larger perspective of the microcosm (inner self) and the macrocosm (the universe around you), your part in both is revealed opening you to a whole new world of possibilities. Sometimes when the blinders come off just discovering the source of how and why damage occurred is all that’s needed to free up what’s blocking your awareness.

“When you clearly see the larger perspective of the microcosm (inner self) and the macrocosm (the universe around you); Your part in both is revealed opening you to a whole new world of possibilities.”

Since this kind of growth can be disconcerting for some, meditation audio downloads (for each body) are included to provide guidance on ways to handle your new, expanded awareness. This reintegration of the seven bodies greatly increases the clear communication you receive from your higher self and you may have to learn to hear yourself anew!


“Cathy has discovered a wonderful, spiritual healing method that integrates all the parts of the spirit and body system. She helped me reconnect pathways between my emotions, spirit and body that were disconnected for centuries! All my life I’ve swung between emotional extremes; from dramatic, tearful and overwrought to detached, cold and hard. After our session, I was much calmer, happier and more balanced and have not revisited my previous extremes! Now I feel free to respond instead of just react or defend. My life has changed for the better. Thank-you!”

Gillian J.