After extensive self-healing, you may find that even with all your realizations and spiritual practice you’re revisiting old ground, stuck in patterns you thought you’d left behind. We can get so settled in our rituals of meditation and healing that we forget the excitement of continuing to push past boundaries and expand our consciousness. The comfort zone beckons and the discomfort of spiritual growth can give way to the balm of familiarity and safety. If you are committed to your enlightenment and the service of assisting others to find meaning on their own spiritual path, you’ll greatly benefit from this reconnection to the Divine Soul.

“Have you ever asked yourself out of frustration, “Why is this happening again? I thought I had  faced (healed, understood, finished) that years ago!”

We are multidimensional beings and we may heal damage on one dimension (or energy body), only to find it’s not repaired in another. This often causes a recurrence of a problem you assumed was long gone! To be whole, it is necessary to completely repair the disruption of the energy flow in each spiritual body. I developed this healing modality to help them reintegrate so they can “talk” to each other again and restore communication and well-being.

A very high vibration unique to each body is used to mend the fine filaments of energy that compose the structure of the energy body. It is literally re-mapped and updated for your optimal well-being. Many people have said it feels as if you are playing your own beautiful, harmonious music in your body!

Coming Soon…

 Spirit Horse Center will be offering a program for certification as a Seven Body Healer so others can share this remarkable, original healing modality with the world!

Seven Body Healing

& Re-mapping


The intensity of this type of healing is particularly powerful for spiritual seekers or those whose are called to be of service as a professional healer, reader or teacher. It often ends a cycle you’ve been trying to finish by working it out through your practice.

If you notice a repetitive pattern to your sessions and the type of clients you are drawing to you, this may be the step needed to free yourself (and them) for the next step of growth and healing. You’ll open up your ability to connect to new dimensions and manifest freedom and joy, both personally and in your practice. Your power to heal greatly increases, particularly when the higher emotional body has been re-connected and healed.

The number of bodies re-mapped in any given session depends on what you need (as I see it) and what you feel you are able to handle. It’s not uncommon to experience effects of the healing in the  days or even weeks after your session. However, you will feel the effects immediately as you shift to a fresh perspective and vibration!

Session 1 – Reading and One to Two Body Re-mapping, 1 hour $250

Sessions 2 All Seven Body Healing 1 1/2  to 2 hours, $350 

Phone and online appointments available

Idiscovered this unique form of  healing while seeking an answer about why I couldn’t get past a recurring problem in my own life! In a remarkable 3 hour meditation, the information about healing every dimensional part of myself was revealed and the change in my soul was amazing. The problem disappeared and my creativity and joy in life returned.

Why Get a Re-Mapping?

This spiritual reintegration is powerful assistance for those trying to heal emotional habits and patterns, post-traumatic stress (past and present life), chronic illness or if you are feeling hopelessly stuck with no known cause or cure. For some, it will provide deep de-programming and soul origins updating (where you came from and your soul’s true purpose). It often increases the power and energy in the chakras and can open you to a stronger connection with higher spiritual knowledge that transforms your life!

Re-mapping all of the seven energy bodies in one session is a very intense and rewarding experience most effective for those who have an active, years-long spiritual practice. However, healing and remapping one or more of the bodies may be called for in any reading appointment, regardless of your experience.

These are the seven bodies re-mapped in these sessions.

  • Physical
  • Emotional 1 (lower)
  • Emotional 2 (higher)
  • Astral
  • Mental
  • Etheric
  • Divine

Because the Seven-Body Re-mapping sessions are such intensive healing; the new doors of awareness you open may challenge the path you are currently on. Consequently, it’s often best to take time to integrate the changes and awareness you gain as each body is healed. This is particularly true if you are new to spiritual work, recovering from trauma, or restoring health. The Six-Month Series is designed to give you additional support to gain the most benefit from your sessions while also maintaining balance in your day-to-day life. Read more…

“In my 7 body reading with Cathy, she located and repaired the cause of lifelong chronic illness! To say it was profound does not describe the impact it had on my life.The information and healing I received have been life altering and my sense of well-being has never been so strong. I’m more present, better equipped to deal with day-to-day life and most important of all, my cycle of ill health has ended! I’ve gained a sense of inner peace I never thought could exist for me.” 

-Becky A.