athy Langlois founded Spirit Horse Center in 1991 as a safe haven for sensitive people to explore and understand the path and abilities of spirit. For 36 years, she has shared her profound gifts as a clairvoyant reader, spiritual teacher and healer, with thousands of people from around the world. The classes and counseling offered assist you to not only safely navigate your personal path; but expand your consciousness and be of service in the universal spiritual evolution we are all experiencing. She is the author of an invaluable handbook for the soul called, “Enlighten-Up!  “Practical Wisdom and Spiritual Guidance for an Imperfect World.”

Welcome to Spirit Horse Center!

“Horses abound in the mythology and history of every culture. They often represent compassion, power,  generosity, travel, companionship, spiritual growth and freedom from that which binds us. The Spirit Horse carries our messages to the realm of the soul and opens our connection to the infinite. It is a symbol of everything I wish to learn and share with those I teach.”