Welcome to Spirit Horse Center

Why Spirit Horse?

Horses abound in the mythology and history of every culture They often represent power, generosity, travel, spiritual growth and freedom from that which binds us.
The Spirit Horse carries our messages to the realm of the soul and opens our connection to the infinite. It is a symbol of everything I wished to learn and share with those I teach.

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Spiritual Reading

Sometimes we are so mired in the emotions, decisions and curves that life  throws us that we can’t see our way out of the forest!  When you need  clear, neutral vision and communication about what you are experiencing  a personal reading is invaluable.

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Seven Body

For those of you who have been actively pursuing spiritual development, this is a kickstart for your next level of growth.  After extensive work you may find that even with all your realizations and practice,  you are  revisiting old ground and are stuck in patterns you thought you left behind.

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Classes & Workshops

You start seeking more information when you find you are repeatedly asking…what’s really going on here? Classes and workshops offered at Spirit Horse Center are geared to give you the knowledge needed to easily and safely traverse your inner spiritual path.

We train our bodies to run a marathon. We challenge our minds when we learn something new. Where and how do we train the soul?”

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